livin' the graduate life.

okay, i'll admit... just working every day and then coming home to do whatever i want is great. 
no stress, no worries, just getting to hang out with my friends at night. 
one night we all ventured up to PG to support Shaun's family band having this little concert in a park. 
 It was fun to be with these old roomies of mine for the night as well. I miss those faces. 
 I got to go to my first BYU home football game this season with these friends- Austin, Amelia, and Tanner. We had some great seats and the game was a lot of fun! Go cougs.
 Miss Heather Shepherd is getting married in just a few weeks so we had this mini efy reunion sesh at her bridal shower a few weeks ago. We are so excited for this lady! Congrats Heath! 
 And last, but certainly not least, we went to this guys farewell. I am so proud of Elder Ryan Anderson! I've known him since he was just a little 14 year old running the streets of EFY, and now he is in the MTC and going to rock it in the Philippines. I am so proud and happy for him! He is going to be such an amazing missionary and I can't wait to hear about all of his adventures! 
So life with friends has been great. 
The weather (up until today...yuck) has been great and I've had some fun times with friends. 
This is the good life.

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