scary much?

On a beautiful and sunny day in Utah, I ventured up to visit the Reeve's in Alpine to pick up the rest of my belongings I stored at their house over the summer. As I am going along on the freeway, just singing to the tunes on the radio, going about 65 mph, in the midst of construction and a fairly congested highway, I could not see what was in front of me all of a sudden! It took me a second to realize that the hood of my car slammed up and hit my window, leaving me with no sight of what is in front of me. freak out a little? ya. remind you of the movie Tommy Boy? ya, I've heard that too many times while telling this story. And let me tell you, it's a WHOLE lot funnier when it's in a movie and not happening to you. just saying. anyways, somehow I calmly and safely was able to cross one lane and pull to the side of the road. cue breakdown. and this sweet man pulled over with his huge semi truck to secure my hood and make sure I was okay. 
honestly, i have never been so terrified in my life. i cried... ok, more like sobbed the entire way to the Reeve's house, just full of so many mixed emotions. all i had were my mirrors to look behind me and I hear this huge semi truck honking at me as he was coming close to my car because i was slowing down wayyyy fast. what else could I do?! It was honestly a miracle that I didn't hit anyone with how busy the highway was and how quick I had to slow down, not to mention the never ending construction going on. All I know was that I was definitely being watched over.

And even though I wasn't hurt, my poor Dora (my car of course) was hurt. :( The hood had to be completely replaced along with my windshield since the hood just smacked it! Luckily, my window had a crack from the beginning of this spring that extended half way across the glass so I had to replace it anyways (there just wasn't as many cracks as I now had) 
 if you look close enough, you can see all the cracks... especially the one on the top in the middle. 

But ya, it sucked and cost just a littttttle bit of money (ya right, it was a lot of money.) But Dora is fixed, I nor anyone else got hurt, and everything is great now! 
It only took me a few weeks to get the courage to back on the freeway again. NBD. 


LindsayNicole said...

Ah! SCary! So glad you werent hurt Ash!!! Glad youre ok!

Meggara said...

i'm glad you are okay!!!

HR White said...


Devin & Lindsay said...

wow that is so scary!! im glad you're okay!! i can't even imagine that!!!