Conference/Reunion Weekend.

So I LOVE conference weekend! 
Not only do I get to hear from some incredible leaders of our church today, but I get to see a lot of my EFY friends. Those people hold special places in my heart. Some drove the distance and flew the distance so it was great seeing a lot of my summer friends that I miss dearly.
While everyone gets excited for their mission reunions, I get excited for these nights.
We had a reunion Friday night with all these lovely people after the BYU game! We just sat, chatted, and ate some delicious cookies thanks to Miss Kendall. 
 I miss this married woman! Going from seeing her all the time to hardly at all isn't okay. I just wish SLC was a little closer so I could see her more often! 
 And the good thing about all these mission reunions? I get to some friends that come in for those, like this girl right here- MANDY GIBBONS! I have not seen this girl in over 2 years! It was so fun to spend a little time with her over the weekend. Seriously, I love her so, so much! 
After conference, Kate and I decided to take a little stroll around Provo since the weather was GORGEOUS! And, we rode our bikes down to the old Provo Tabernacle where they are going to build the new temple! Seriously, we are so excited! Too bad I won't be living here probably when it is done, but I will come back to see it! So awesome!
 And that night, while all the boys were at the Priesthood session, we had a girls night and went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner (of course). It was so delicious... as always. And did I mention that I love these girls? Cause I do. 
 Then we had an efy reunion part 2. Some people couldn't make it the night before so we came to my house and just did the same thing as the night before. Just talked it up for a bit and had a good time. 
 And a big thank you to EFY in the south for bringing this girl into my life. 
Just sayin'.
 I love these Florida girls! I'm so glad I got to work with them for a lot of this summer! I just wish they lived closer! 
 And I miss my efy brother, Jorden. He can always make me laugh. 
 A few more friends showed up so it was necessary to take another picture with them too. Seriously, I love these people. EFY has treated me well over the years. 
I got to go to the conference Sunday afternoon and met up with Kate to give her some tickets before we walked in with all the madness! Parking was a nightmare and people were everywhere, but we were able to make it inside right before the opening song was done.
I got to go with this lovely girl, Suzanne! It was such a treat to spend some time with her! I miss her as my roommate. 
As always, I just LOVE conference. I feel like it always comes right when I need it the most.  
And then... the weekend was over and back to the big girl life of having a job. 
Hope everyone enjoyed conference as much as I did :) 

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