time with the trio.

let's just start off by saying that i love becky renae and nicole erin. 
sometimes being a grown up stinks because we can't hang out as much these days with our busy lives.
but have no fear, cause there was actually one FULL week where we saw each other every day... and we LOVED it.

one night Becky, Nicole and I decided to invite ourselves over to my brothers to hang out and grill pizzas (clearly something we have never done before)
as we were driving, we thought the mountains looked really pretty so we stopped for the photo opportunity, but you can't even see it in this picture...i just like this one of the 2 of them. 
my friends are so hot. duh. 
we had fun pretending to be little chef's and pro pizza makers by tossing our dough up in the air. you can tell just by looking at our faces, it was a success. 
and once we added all of our ingredients, we put those bad boys on the grill and patiently waited for them to be done. 
and despite the weird bubbles coming from our pizzas, they were delicious! some of the best pizza i've ever eaten (but let's get real... I just love any kind of pizza)

And we got to spend a lot of time together over the weekend.
 We decided last minute to go to the Rooftop Concert series in downtown Provo and it just so happened that Mindy Gledhill was performing too! We met up with their HC from EFY in Provo, Mr. Ross White (aka Ross Cat) and just became the greatest of friends. The music totally reminded me of the south and I was just soaking it all in! We all loved it! 
 The next night I went with these 2 to the BYU Football Game. Clearly, they have been converted to Cougars. And thanks to Ross, we also were able to enjoy a delicious cougar tail. 
pretty much, i just love these two gorgeous ladies in my life. 

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