in case you didn't know....

tennis is one of my most FAVORITE things to do.
Sadly it's not as popular out west so not many people play.
But Nicole was a good sport and decided to come play with me for a bit. 
It was a good thing we decided to go on the last warm-ish day of the year. (better than never right?) i'm hoping I'll get a few more play times in before the weather really turns for the worst.
It's sad I haven't played in MONTHS, so I was extremely happy to get back on that court and play for a little bit before it got too dark for us to see. [Thanks Timp High School Track Meet for providing us with some light.] 
bottom line: it was a good time.
if anyone ever wants to play some tennis, call me up. 

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emilymcb said...

I want to play with you!