it smells like up dog in here...

Dad:"What is up dog?"
Thank you Jim Halpert for that one. You had Callie and I uncontrollably laughing forever when I pulled that joke on my Dad.

Anyways....a couple weeks ago my Dad took me on his business trip to Chicago. 
He has taken Taylor and Cody on trips before, but never the girls... so I was up!  I had never been to Chicago either so I was super excited to go explore a new city!  We landed around the same time, got in the limo services town car, and drove to the Trump hotel where they were paying for our stay for 2 nights. Let's just say Daddy-o and I got a kick out of this place. 
Yours truly, Donald Trump, had a letter for each of us on our beds and had a box of little chocolates with it. Sorry Donald, I should have warned you that I didn't like chocolate. Could I get something else? But anways, since this is somewhat a picture of the bed, the bed was HEAVENLY. maybe it's just me cause I live on a twin size slightly uncomfortable mattress in Utah. oh well. I loved that bed and slept like a baby the entire weekend. 
After Dad and I took a little stroll to the Navy Pier, we went to his business dinner. Holy, I have never seen or eaten SO much food. I couldn't even finish my dinner and then they bring out these bad boys. Clearly, I only ate the strawberry shortcake (which was TO DIE for). It was good. And I just had a grand time sitting with all these men my Dad worked with while they talked business. 
Oh ya, we had a tv in our bathroom. nbd. it's how we roll at the trump hotel. obv.
I had Friday morning to late afternoon to myself while Dad was in meetings so I took a stroll around downtown. I realized I love destination cities! Atlanta is not like this at all. It's so fun to just walk around the streets, seeing all these great stores (Nordstrom Rack, H&M, a two story Forever 21) to go into as well as looking around at some cool architecture. I loved it!
Callie and Brandon drove in late Friday night to spend the rest of the weekend with us! And I was SOOO happy to see them. It had been since June so it was a sweet reunion. Callie and I stayed up so late the first night and had to be told by my Dad to be quiet cause we couldn't stop laughing. I felt like a little kid again and was so happy to be with my sister. 
Saturday was a fun filled day with things we had to do in Chicago! 
We first went to an afternoon Cubs game at Wrigley Field!
I can check that one off the list. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Wrigley Field and it was such a cool stadium! 
Of course we had to get some Chicago dogs while we were there to get the whole experience. They were delicious. And it was fun to be able to go to a MLB game. That's one thing I hate about Utah... no MLB. dumb. 
Later that day, we took a stroll down the Navy Pier, which was so cute! i felt like I was walking into a movie scene. There was music playing, little food places everywhere, and just all around a happy place to be. 

After dinner, we took an architectural cruise around the city on a boat on the Chicago River! Couldn't you tell we were just SO excited?! (but really, we were)
It was a lot of fun! We learned all about the different buildings here in Chicago and some amazing stories! 
Definitely a trip worth taking if you are ever in Chicago! 
It was an enjoyable ride. 
Our last day, we went back into the City to look at the cool architecture they have around there. We first stopped at the "bean". 
Correct term: "cloud gate" It is made up of 168 stainless teel plates welded together. It's 33 by 66 by 42 feet and weighs 110 short tons.  (thank you wikipedia)
it's definitely a main attraction here in chicago. we enjoyed taking pictures of ourselves. 
And look what happens to be right next to each other? Target and UBS! These two boys just happen to work at those places. Coincidence? I think not. 
Aren't these two just so precious? I really enjoyed spending the weekend with them. 
And we couldn't end our trip without going to get some Chicago pizza one last time! 
It was sooooo delicious. And seriously so filling. I could barely eat one slice before I felt completely full. 
Pizzeria Uno is one of the best places to go get some pizza in Chicago. yum, yum. 
So, there you have it. My trip to Chicago was a good time. I was glad I got to go and spend some time with my Daddy and those two cute newly weds. I wouldn't mind going to Chicago again.
Thanks for a fun time Dad! 


Kaycie&myAlex said...

looks like a blast!

Janey said...

Man, now i like REALLY want to go to Chicago.... gee thanks.. ;) where do you work again?

Janey said...

oh and where do Callie and Brandon live.. ?

Ashley Kay said...

i work at as a secretary at a heating company in PG, and Cal lives in Minnesota now!