Dessert Nights and Weddings.

I love these two things so why not combine them into one blog post? Good idea, Ashley.

So, if I haven't mentioned it yet, I am on the dating committee in my ward (yes, laugh it up. i was already laughed at when I got the calling. can't say that's ever happened to me before) However, I LOVE my committee! They are all so fun and have great ideas so our activities aren't awkward. It's great though. We decided to kick off this committee with a little dessert party one Sunday night. Here we are, as happy as can be, cause it was quite the success. Lots of people showed up, treats were good, and there was flirting involved. Point Dating Committee.
After that little shin dig, we headed our way to this little misses birthday celebration! I haven't seen Deidre in FOREVER so it was good to have a little catch up time with this cute lady! I love her lots.
Later that week, this GORGEOUS lady got married!! She seriously looked SO happy and so pretty that night when I went to her reception! Congrats Mrs. Heather Gines!! 

And with EFY friends marriages, comes EFY mini-reunions. Only a few people were able to come, but one of the most important ones who showed up was Miss Kaycie Q Foster! It was fun to spend a little time with her and the hubby! I miss seeing her on a daily basis. Blasted SLC.
And of course, it's always a great time with these 2 pretty girls! Weddings are such a happy time so I love the chances I get to go to receptions with some great friends! Congrats to another friend on her happy marriage! :)

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