Baby Cenica Debut!

One reason I was SO excited I was moving to Arizona by my family was that my Aunt was due with a baby girl a month after I got here! I moved out just a week before the baby arrived, but I stayed over the night before the cute baby girl came so I could help get Cal off to school and watch Crewe before his nurse came over. 
Austin came up as well and the night before we all went to dinner and got to spend time with this family their last time as a family of 4! We were all so excited for this little girl to arrive!
While Cal was at school, Austin and I enjoyed a relaxing day watching movies, lounging by the pool (included making Austin get a dead mouse out of it), and winning a free lunch of In N Out due to the Falcons defeat over the Broncos :)  
We were all so excited and anxious to get to the hospital the moment Cal came home! We packed the kids in the car and headed to the hospital! 
Crewe was absolutely smitten with her! He willingly got on the bed, wanted to touch her, talk to her, and asked lots of cute questions like "Why are her fingers so tiny?", and "Why is she crying?" It was too cute. And she is too cute. I haven't held a baby this new since Lexie! 

 Welcome to the world Baby Cenica! You are so precious! 
I'm so excited to live close by so I can be around to watch this little girl grow and give her some trademark white bows like I used to wear when I was a little girl! She is so darling and I'm so excited to have another girl cousin! 

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