Santa B 3!

I won't even lie, Santa B 3 was my favorite of all 3 weeks! 
Maybe cause the kids were STELLAR and actually liked being around me! 
Maybe cause I wanted to make it the best one yet!
Maybe cause I loved Santa Barbara so much and didn't want to leave. 

These kids rocked. Cali and Greg's group were so much fun since the first night when I played some games with them. They started calling me Grandma or G-mash all week. I loved it. This was during our lunch hour where we played the most intense game of Duck, Duck, Goose I have EVER played. Hands down, the most entertaining hour of my life. 
 And as the weeks went by with the same counselors, I became more and more obsessed with them. Is that creepy? I don't think so. I loved the people I got to work with!
 Which definitely includes these BC Babes! I seriously got so lucky to work with some incredible people on my team this summer! Our co-ships each week were so fun as I continued to get to know and love each one of these fellow BC's. 
 7/11 happened to be during the 3rd week as well. Guess what that meant people? Free Slurpee Day and we had a Sev right down the road. So we hurried on over there to get a slurpee. And we clearly had quite the photographer, but you get it. We were happy.
 And I always loved those crazy game nights with our favorite backpacks! 
 And during this particular game, I made all of their kids do one big tunnel run. Hello, insanity. But so entertaining when you don't have to participate. One of the smart boys said, "Do you tell us to do something because you know that we will do it? Like if you said run...we'd say, how fast? Jump... how high?" Yep, exactly what I am doing. You clever children.
 We ended a great games night with these crazy boys that I love! 
 It was so weird to be cold at efy. If you've been to the South in the Summer, you know that doesn't happen. But it would get chilly in Santa Barbara at night. And I kinda loved that. It was nice to not be so sweaty and gross for a change. 
 And here was the family being all cute and fun on Pizza Night waiting for the counselors to come get their pizza's so we could go to their groups and steal some :) I loved once Games night was done, and pizza's were separated. it was always a relief for us.
 Cali's Secret Santa Barbara got her a pizza with a peace sign on it and she LOVED it. 
and I got a sweet play dough character from mine.
Miss Summer Stone was at EFY that week! It was fun to be with that crazy and fun girl! I love her!
I decided that I'm basically from Rocklin. I'll never deny Georgia as my number 1 home, but Rocklin is like my 2nd home and I'm not ashamed. Maybe cause I felt like I lived there the beginning of my summer. I love that place and clearly they have great people there. These boys are such studs. 
 And these boys were fab too. The one boy on the right, Avery, was in Fresno with me and was also in the Musical Program with me. He is such a rad kid. And these other boys were fun as well all week. 
 We had to take a last family pic outside. This was our view of the beach and of our life for 3 weeks. Hi, we were so spoiled. 
 I was in charge of the Variety Show that week, and I'm not going to lie... it was the best one of the summer! (and I'm not being cocky, you can ask anyone who was there) It was epic. I'll admit, I was relieved and happy once it was over. These were my "disney kids" who did an epic melody of disney songs acapela. Blew everyone's minds. 
 Friday afternoon during free time we played Ultimate Frisbee against the youth. Guess who dominated? Yep. We did. Guess who scored? Yep. I did. It was such a fun game!
 We ate our last meal and had our last hand-scoop ice cream and said goodbye to the DLG. Definitely the best food I've ever had. But will I miss the pounds we all gained? Nope.
 I loved meeting little siblings to friends. This sweet girl, Liza, is my friend, Tanner's, younger sister. She is such a doll. And we stayed with her and her parents the next week on our week off. So much fun.
 We had our last dance in the Hub. Going out in style of course. All 3 of these ladies are so fabulous.
 We were ready to party all night though and go out with a big bang! We loved our dances and the crew that helped us make them epic!
This was a great choice of band aids for the friday night dance. Sadly, they didn't stay like that for very long so we had to place them on our cheeks. We kept it classy at SB, always.
 And for once, I went out and danced with my favorite children quite a bit and had a blast. They were so much fun!
 And these girls are so darling! They wanted a backwards hat pic because we clearly rocked them. Thanks to Brigs who let me borrow (or maybe I stole) his hat during games night and then let me have it for the dance; I was obsessed with his hat and wanted to keep it! 
 These two gentlemen are such ladies men. The one on the right, Clay, was of course in Palmyra last summer. We actually took a picture together and didn't even realize it till after EFY this summer.And Kory, on the left, has actually been at my brother's apartment once cause Tay and his sister are friends. Small world!  I loved finding those connections to some awesome kids. 
We were sad it was our last morning at UCSB. It was such a great 3 weeks there! We did not want to go.
 We had a BBQ that afternoon at Peter's house, and said goodbye to our friends. Some we would see during our week off, some we would see within the next few sessions, and some we sadly said goodbye to for the summer. 
Santa Barbara treated us well. 

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