just going back to the summer makes me realized that my summer was such a dream. i was spoiled for summer 2012. and that's why i miss it so much.
after 5 weeks straight of EFY and exhaustion, we had a MUCH needed break in Southern California for a week! (3 of our team members went to a session in Hawaii that week) I'll let my pictures do most of the explaining and then you'll realize why life was SO good-

So, our first night, we stayed in Santa Barbara with my friend, Kaycie's, in laws and baby brother Jack! We went downtown and got Blenders one last time. And I still crave that place every day! It was sad to leave that place after 3 weeks! 
 We headed more South the next day and stopped by this Garden of the World place in Thousand Oaks. We technically weren't allowed to take pictures, but we managed to "casually" get a few in. 
 The next day was the best day of my life. Disneyland.
We were up bright and early and got to ride Space Mountain 2 times in a row with no wait. Was I dreaming? Nope. Duh, it's the happiest place on earth!
 And by 10 am, we had some delicious Dole Whips in our hands. First experience did not disappoint either!
 It was one of the happiest days of my life, thus far. 
 And their bread bowl was so delicious! My mouth is watering just thinking of it's goodness. 
Not to mention, we just happened to go with a handful of my most favorite people ever from our EFY crew!
I finally overcame my fears and went on the Tower of Terror for the first time! What in the world was I so scared of?! It is one of my favorite rides to go on now!
 We slowly added more and more people as the day went on and it was a dream to be with these fun people all the day long!
And you better believe we went to the World of Color, front row, soak zone. I talked it up so much over the weeks that everyone was waiting to watch me shed a tear. Which I may or may not have done. But seriously y'all, you'll only understand if you've been to it. It changes lives. These people can attest to that. 
 Disneyland did not let me down. We were there for 16 hours and I was not even ready to leave! I hope I get to visit again soon! I love that place. 
 We finally got some sleep the next day and then headed to Huntington Beach for the rest of the afternoon. 
There was also this huge farmers market type thing going on down there and as I was looking at some jewelry this good family friend from back home just came right next to me! I couldn't believe it! Out of THOUSANDS of people, I saw this guy who is such a great family friend! It was so good seeing him!
We waited for our table at Ruby's on the Pier outside in the wind while watching the beautiful sunset. Sometimes I think I could be happy in California. No, I know I'd love it. But can I afford it? Nope.
One morning we went to Las Brisas in Laguna for a Brunch and it was to die for! Omelets made per request, pastries, eggs, bacon, deliciousness. We were living the dream. 
 We even went and did baptisms at the Newport Temple! I haven't been there since my sister's wedding so it was fun to go back and such a cool experience to do baptisms with these fine people!
We chilled in Newport for a bit that day and went to Fashion Island where I got to hang out with my cousin, Bud, for a bit! I haven't seen him in a few years so it was good catching up with him!
Like I said, we were living the dream that week so of course we took a trip to The Cheesecake Factory where we each had our own Cheesecake and it was delicious!
 Our last full day we spent some more time at Laguna Beach, soaking in our last rays and days of relaxation. 
And had a blast going to the Angel's game! Even though it's not the Braves, I needed an MLB game fix in my life! It was a fun game to go to with the amigos. 
If only every week could be like this one. 
Too bad that isn't even real life.
But it was such a blast. We stayed with my friend, Tanner Andre's, parents and darling sister all week and LOVED them! They gave us great food, advice on what to do, and were just fun to hang around! It was a little sad when the week was over and we had to get back to the routine and not only that, but heading to HOT Arizona. We had a spoiled week.

Not pictured from the week off: 
-Holding baby kittens and one of Jaron's mission families homes
-Brother Andre's BOMB institute lesson
-Seeing Kyle for .5 seconds and having to really say goodbye till who knows when

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