home sweet home!

it's been a little over a month since i moved into this cute little home in East Mesa! I remember how overwhelmed I felt as I was making the final drive from my Aunt and Uncle's place to here. The day was rainy so that set the mood a little bit, I had no idea how to get anywhere, East Mesa is pretty much the outskirts of everything so I have to drive a lot, , and I didn't know many people (I didn't even know the girl who owned the house). So yes, I was a little scared.
But now, I love coming home. I know the surrounding streets, my 2 roommates are fantastic, I'm still working on getting into the social scene, which I know takes time,
....and I think my house is pretty dang cute. 
The Kitchen
It is still in a construction zone cause my roommate is in the process of painting the cabinets on and off, but it'll look cuter soon! Slash I'm obsessed with that mint color these days. But our kitchen is nice and spacious, with all working appliances- like a disposal and dishwasher, yes those are 2 things I haven't had in my past 2 houses so it's a pretty big deal. 
 The Living Room
I'm slightly obsessed with it. I'm working on my piano skills again, hoping to get better if I practice more.
 And this is just the comfiest sight I've ever seen. 2 Love Sacs and 2 comfy couches. It's heaven. 
 The Bedroom
Yep, that's it folks. I can fit my bed (which is still an air mattress, nbd) and my dresser. Once I have a little more money in the bank, I should be able to make it a little more homey. But for now, here's the box I live in. And I honestly can't complain! I like it!
 And my friend, Mandy, and I share this bathroom. Perfect size for 2 people slash I love the long mirror! 

So that's pretty much it! Small and simple, yet perfect! 

Not pictured:
Laundry Room- just a washer and dryer, nothing exciting.
 Our 'Arizona room" aka Like a Sun Room aka a Sauna! It's next to the living room and we store our desks in there. It's not too exciting. 
And our little backyard. Nat is trying to grow grass back there so it's not exactly at it's best moment. 


Anonymous said...

Crap, I'm so embarrassed! I would of finished then sooner if I knew they were going to be published! Ur so cute ash, I'm so happy I live w you!:)

Katie Smith said...

this is so cute ashley!