Week 2 of EFY in Santa Barbara

Sorry folks, but going back to my EFY catch up. I'm way too behind. 
Week 2 was not a let down. As you can tell, I was with two of my absolutely favorite people I've hung out with this past year! Our dreams finally came true to work all together! 
And I really loved our Tuesday Night Dances in the hot Hub with our rockin bandaids. And our strage that made us feel like all-stars dancing all night!
Not to mention it was 4th of July week! I love the 4th people. And love America. I was happy Games Night was on the 4th so we could celebrate in style, twisting the games a little bit to make them more American. 
And maybe at my station, I passed out some stickers for my fellow counselors to show their patriotism. We are the definition of America Love.
The worst part about the 4th? Well we decided to make pizza night out of the games night field, when it was already dark. Try separating 100's of pizza's to 40 different counselors in the pitch dark. So stressful, but I think most of the youth and counselors had fun. Even if no one could see a thing. Including the fireworks we wanted to watch, but could only hear because a parking structure blocked it. Good times. 
And I was reunited with yet another babe from EFY in Palmyra! This cute girl just happened to be the younger sister of one of my girls I had last year! Instant connection, instant love. Linds is darling! 
For Strength of Youth with Sam D. was a highlight watching him during his sexual purity talk. Bottom Line: Don't be a Back Tiger. It was epic. 
Sadly, the one week the three of us were together was ending as Ross Cat was heading back to Provo. It was a dream come true to be with these 2 crazy boys for a week all together in California! 
These 2 Arizona boys were in Jordan's group and just loved them! They made it a fun week whenever I would hang out with them. Such solid youth these days, it blows my mind.
We also bought Suzanne a big teddy bear from Costco. We named him Keith, and he was our cuddle buddy the rest of EFY. He became quite famous among the kids and the counselors. I don't know what we would've done without this cuddly bear. He will always be a legend. 
Week 2 was done. And so we hit up downtown Santa Barbara for a few hours, walking around, and going to the beach! 
It's fun getting to visit places with friends and just loving our lives! 
To end the day, the team met up in Ventura and ate Red Robin! I love that freckled lemonade and those sweet cups! 
I'm now reminiscing and missing those EFY days. It was too good to be true. Santa Barbara 2 was not a let down. It was pretty chilly and cold most days though which was not so great. Every morning walking to breakfast, it was in the low 60's and drizzling. Yuck. But I still love that place any day. 

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