2 months.

i can't believe i have lived in Arizona for 2 months already!
it's crazy to think where i started and where i am now! (remember, after my first week when I posted this?) I've learned a lot more now.
The first month was filled with a lot of visits to Mesa seeing people and trying to figure out life. 
I was able to reunite with some incredible EFY friends for my first few days after I got here, which made things easier. Sadly, Rendy and Greg left a few days after I got there to get back to their lives at school. But we had some fun before they left!
We bought myself a bear! I was having withdrawals from our bear from efy during the summer so I vowed that I'd get one when I moved, cause let's face it.. I needed a friend! This is Kaden.
We stopped by the temple one hot afternoon as well. I really love this temple and am so glad I still live close by one! 
I was introduced to Saguaro Lake one day where we went cliff jumping and enjoyed the hours spent at the lake! Later that day, I was also introduced to Bahama Bucks, a delicious shaved ice place! I can't believe I haven't been back since my first week! Looks like I'm due for a visit. 

Greg and Tanner stopped by my Aunt and Uncle's on their way out to Idaho where I fed them some lunch and sent them on their way! 
Since I didn't have an official ward to go to yet, I decided to reunite with Ross Cat and go with him to his ward my first Sunday there! It's fun to see him and have him living in Arizona even if Med School takes over about 98% of his life. But the times we get together is great. It's nice to know that I have a friend from Provo here! 
I met up with Mandy and went to her friends concert with her in Phoenix one night too! It was honestly weird going to something like this, not knowing the band, or knowing anyone else there besides Mandy. Huge eye opener realizing I don't have many friends haha. 
It's fun to be able to see friends who now live in Arizona too! I spent one day over at my old YW leader, Victoria's, house with her fun kids and they even have their own shaved ice machine! 
I also was able to visit Taylor and Steven Allphin and their new 6 day old baby, Charlotte one afternoon! She is just darling and am so excited to live by them! 
 And one of my favorite things is that I got to live with my Aunt and Uncle and be around those fun little boys a lot! I had plenty of 'dates' with these cute boys. We made pizza's and I never laughed so hard taking pictures with Cal.
 And I loved seeing the happiness on their faces when we went on a lunch date to In N Out. Those 2 just melt my heart and I'm so happy they aren't too far from me now! 
 And my other cousin, Austin, is also living in Arizona, which makes things fun too! We enjoyed quite a few pool days with family the first month.  It's still warm enough to be outside, I think I need a pool fix soon now that I'm thinking about it. 
And I love that people like to come visit here! The darling grandparents were able to visit for a few days so it was fun spending time with them chatting, swimming, eating, and just being together! 
And no one can forget those breathtaking sunsets Arizona has to offer. 
So I look back and realize my first month here was a good one. 
I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle for almost a month and loved being with my cute little cousins all the time! I'm so grateful they let me into their home with open arms and love. I'm so blessed to have an incredible family and that I can live nearby them now! 

Updates on the move to Mesa and other exciting life events coming up! 

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Brooke said...

Ok so once you are more settled, you MUST do a few things :) first, visit Tia Rosas and Crackers. Bar none the best food in Mesa! You should also visit Mill Avenue, there's lots of great shopping (go to Buffalo Exchange.... You can thank me later ;) ) and it almost feels like downtown Provo. Do you know what ward you will be in? The Citrus Heights stake has an AMAZING singles ward! Good luck Ashley, I hope things continue going well for you!!!