last hoorah in Utah!

Once i got back to Provo, I was there for just a week before I headed out on my new life and adventure! The day I flew in, I spent time with family! Cal and Brandon were in town for a wedding so I was glad I caught them before they left! We enjoyed eating dinner together and watching the Olympics that night!
I made my first trip to Logan with these two goobers. I felt like it had been forever since I've seen them, but it had only been a few days! Sadly, no one else from the team could make it to Logan to visit our Session Directors from Week 2 in SB. But we had fun and I tried my first Aggie ice cream!
We did a little tour of Logan, Utah State, and the Logan temple, which is gorgeous! I'm glad I could do a little more Utah exploring before I left!
I got to go to breakfast at Magleby's with Em one morning too! I was so glad I could see her and say bye! I'm so happy we worked together so we could become friends! Hopefully I'll get to see her more since she is from Arizona!
Rachel Huey had a bridal shower one of my last nights in Provo! I was excited to see her and reunite with some other EFY loves from the South! We were so excited for Rachel's big day! 
The last day was spent saying bye to people and doing the final preparations. Saying bye to this best friend of 6 years was one of the hardest. Even when she was on her mission, she has always been there for me! Thank goodness for technology and phones so we can keep in touch, but I still miss her a ton!
 These 2 came back from their EFY session in Nauvoo that morning just so they could see me before I left. I am so grateful for these two people. We had a fun last night in Utah playing games at Jordan's sisters house and just chatting. 
The next morning, Britt took me to breakfast and it was goodbye to Provo. It didn't seem real that I was actually moving away. It still doesn't seem real at times. It has been my home for 6 years. Something I've grown to know and love. But change is always good and I was ready for a new adventure, as scary as it can be.
 I was so happy I got to stop in St. George for a few days on my way to Arizona to hang out with some family! Cory and Michelle's fam moved there this summer so it was perfect to go see them for a few days! 
Bailey, Brenley, and I hung out in their pool almost all day one day. My mouth hurt from laughing and smiling so much because these girls are so hilarious! 
 and we were lucky to be graced with the presence of 2 BYU basketball players. The cute little freshman cousin of mine, Cory Calvert, and Brandon Davies. It was fun to hang out with these two as well.
And I got to see cute Kelsey! She was there visiting her Mom so I was glad I could see her! We went to this cool drink/shaved ice place that Cory's Uncle owns a couple times. I loved it and will definitely stop by when I go through there again! 
And then it was for real goodbye to Utah as I made the 8 hour adventure to my new home in Arizona! Stay tuned for an update on life here! 

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