Southern Comfort.

After my first few weeks in Arizona and getting no job interviews, finding a cheap deal to fly back home, we booked my ticket and was gone in less than a week to visit my home for almost 10 days! I was so grateful I could go home and see my family, watch the kids in their activities, AND get to see that BFF new Georgia Peach, Nicole and hubby Shaun! It was a fun, but quick week!

My first night, Nicole and Daddy-o picked me up and we went straight to the feeder football game to watch Lexie cheer! It was so fun to be with those two kiddies again as well as being reunited with Becker and Nicole! Never thought I'd see the day where Nicole would be in my home and now she LIVES in that beautiful Southern State. So jealous. 
I was home for Labor Day weekend too, which made it better cause the kids were out of school! So after doing a few things in the morning, we met up with Nicole and Shaun at Zaxby's (of course) 
played some card games during the day, and then ended our day with Moe's. (yes, I hit up my two favorite spots my first full day there and loved it.)
A few nights later I FINALLY got to go to a Braves game and witness Nicole's first game with her! Tay also flew in that day so it was fun to have him home that night too! We got great seats for such a cheap price, I couldn't believe it! 
Any trip to Turner Field is always a good time and I think Nicole and Shaun loved their first game, even if it wasn't too exciting. 
Oh ya, and I chopped my hair. It needed to be done, but I am missing those long hair days. Please grow back quickly. 
We went back to my old stomping grounds to watch our studly brother play football! 
It was exciting that Callie flew in that day! It was great to be back together again when it was so last minute and totally unexpected! (Brandon was flying in later that night too!) None of us have seen Cody play in high school football so it was fun that we could be there to watch him and cheer him on! 
 We spent most of our weekend watching the baby sister play volleyball. I'm so proud of her and her effort to do her best! It was fun getting to watch her play in a game. The downfall of not living near home is that I miss the kids growing up and watching them in their different sports and activities. I was super grateful I could come home and watch them! 
 Another highlight is that Georgia now has Rita's! I went to Rita's a few years ago when I visited Kaycie in Hilton Head, and now they have one near my home! I was dying to go all week so I'm glad the family agreed to go there one night. They were not disappointed either! 
 The fun filled, yet busy and crazy week was over. The weekend with all the family was coming to a close and it was a sad time. Lives are changing, jobs are happening where there aren't holiday breaks, and it's unknown when we will all be together again. I'm SO grateful I got to spend some time with my family for a few days. We enjoyed watching old home videos and laughing so hard at seeing our young selves, enjoyed watching the kids in their activities, and ate some delicious food! 
 And thanks to the baby girl, we had a sib photo shoot, which turned out to be really cute and fun! 
We first took a picture all together right after church on that infamous porch of ours. 
 And one of those sassy Sant ladies had to happen as well. 
 And then baby girl put her brain to work and the photo shoot began! Isn't she such a babe?! I don't know how she has grown up so fast! 
 And we loved the pictures we took together! (I'll spare you and not post all of them.) I look back on these pictures and realize how blessed and lucky I am to have such incredible siblings. It's nice to know that no matter what I will have 5 other people who will be there for me through anything. They are my backbone and my support through everything. They are so fun to be around. I lucked out BIG time. My sibs are so rad.
 And this has been our home since I was in 3rd grade! That is 16 years people. It's amazing. I sometimes go home and feel like I'm still in a fairly new home. But it's always been a comfort to drive down Morning Mountain Way and see that home. I miss it.
 And you should know me by now and my love for that Becker Boy. I always beg my parents to let me take him back home with me, but to my dismay, they never allow it. He's such a cute pup. 
 And my parents rock. I don't even know where I'd be without them as a part of my life! They have helped me through so many life challenges that I don't know how I'd get through unless I had them to rely on for advice and support. It was fun spending a week with them as well! 
I was sad saying bye to that beautiful home and the beautiful green. I hope I will reunite with that sweet southern home soon!

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