Whatever Tucson

Like I said, we left straight to hot Tucson after our relaxing week & beautiful weather in California. 
It was slightly depressing, but the road trip down was fun. We flirted with the Mexican Border quite a few times, found out that Calexico exists, and jammed out to some good tunes. 
 We finally reunited with Derick and Logan, Kelly sadly was still in Hawaii for another week. And we went to some place in ghetto downtown. (And yes, some of us even wore bright pink shirts that day. Families match, that's normal.)
 Even though we were stuck inside an institute building all day that was too small to even fit all the youth and counselors, we managed to get by. There is this slushie place called eegee's that everyone raves about down there so we had to try it out for ourselves. We had watermelon/strawberry slushies that were pretty good. 
 And it was Miss Tazia's birthday that day so of course we celebrated as best as we could! 
 She told us that she always gets a pinata for her birthday from her family so of course we had to get one and surprise her with it once all the kiddies left. And we had youth randomly give her 23 gifts that day from the team. We are so creative. I think she had a great day! 
Games night was held inside and that was a crazy mess as well. But we learn how to deal with the not so convenient stuff and make it fun for the youth. I think we were able to do just that. 
 And who knew that Arizona has BlueBell icecream?! Well I sure didn't until we walked to the little convenient store at Univ of Arizona and found it there! We bought a few pints and I was in HEAVEN!
 Our session directors were so awesome and were staying at the nice JW Marriott in Tucson all week. They invited us to come over and swim there our last night. So we cleaned the building as fast as we could only to find out they closed the pool early because there was some lightning. Seriously? It hasn't rained all week so of course it would be the one night we wanted to go do something fun! 
 But we still had fun and we FINALLY got to go to Waffle House after I was talking about it all week! We had some first timers and I think they loved it just as much!
It was a quick week in Tucson. I think we were a little spoiled from Santa Barbara that any weeks after that couldn't compare. But we still loved this week. Loved those crazy kids. But we were excited and ready to get one last week in California. 

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