14 years.

My Mom told me that 14 years ago today, we moved into our house!
14 years?! I feel like it was just a few years ago because I remember it so well.
But nope, we've been in this house since I was in THIRD GRADE!
Our neighborhood started out with just 42 houses when we moved in, and now we have over 700 houses!
I looked like this when we moved in:
Lexie has never been in another house, which is weird cause I have been in 3 (which isn't even a lot). She came here as a babe and looked like this:
We had this cat for the first 5 years:
Then we got this adorable dog:
And even though we are far away from the majority of our good friends and family, we have had TONS of visitors:
this was when my Mom's whole side of the family came to visit. It was SO fun!
We've spent many,many Christmas' running down these stairs looking to see what Santa has brought us:
our first Christmas here.
last Christmas.
And we've spent many birthdays in this house too:
Have done the "5 minute program" with Grandpa in this kitchen for YEARS:
We used to play a game called "pickle" in our hallway upstairs ALL the time when we were kids! We're all a little too big now to play that game in our hallway. And I think my parents would be annoyed with how competitive we'd be. So we stuck to just playing outside with tennis baseball and such.
The majority of my best friends lived in this neighborhood (just a few lived a few minutes away). When I first moved in, Taylor and I had a group of friends that we'd hang out with ALL the time and play night games almost every night in the summer. My parents never worried cause we were always just up the street with friends playing.
The majority of the kids in the neighborhood were on the swim team, which made swim meets a lot of fun! I still remember the early summer days when I'd walk up to swim practice with my friends Katy and Tyler.
And everyone was also big into tennis! Our teams were always good so we'd go to championships around Georgia, which were a blast!
The few "snow storms" we've had were always fun cause all the kids in the neighborhood would go to the golf course and sled down the hill. We'd always come back in the house in the middle of the day for warm treats and warm up by the fire. They were my favorite!
3 kids have graduated, gone on a mission and back, and have gone to college, while 2 are just beginning the adventures of a teenager.
We've had one too many easter egg hunts at this house. Cal is priceless in this picture too!
This has been a great house for us! Rooms have been re-done, walls have been re-painted, kids have changed rooms, and we've gotten new furniture here and there. I'm thinking that may be a reason why this house doesn't seem that old to me.
We've had lots of fun in this house and have had lots of good memories here. People have come and gone in this neighborhood, let alone Alpharetta; but not us, we will be here till who knows when. But I'm fine with that. I like our house and like where I have grown up. It's fun to always come back to this house and remember all the good times I've had growing up.
14 years and going strong.
Our first Easter here in 1997
Summer 2008 on the same porch.
And I'm sure we'll have many more great memories in this house of mine on Morning Mountain Way.

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