It's a Special Day Today...

My little Rachy has a birthday today!
Wooo Hoo!
I love this girl lots and am so glad we became friends two summers ago through EFY!
She has been a great friend to me and we've had many adventures together! Such as these following events:

Hilton Head Island: okay so we had wayyyy too many memories/funny moments on this trip. and basically this was the first time we became better friends and my love for you has just grown! and the highlight had to be the video footage from crabbing. always and forever a classic.
Brave Games: Then Kate and I introduced you to the love of our lives- The Braves. And you have made us proud and have become quite the fan this past year! You have been to a lot of Braves games that I've been to in the past 2 summers and it's always been super fun and exciting to have you there! It makes me very happy!
EFY: So maybe this doesn't exactly show EFY cause this was right before it, but we've now completed 2 wonderful years of EFY together and I couldn't imagine being there without you! Every time I saw your face, it just brightened up my day! And you helped me feel confident in myself and my abilities of being a BC this summer.
DISNEY: After our EFY escapades this summer, we went to Nina's house in Florida and took a trip to Disney World! We both didn't like the Tower of Terror so we stuck together and goofed off like any other 3 year old would do! It is the Happiest Place on Earth! :)
Utah: And we can't forget when you came to Utah for 2 weeks to babysit those children. Kate and I would come visit you almost every night the last week you were there. And this particular night, I was especially grateful to have such great friends like you and Kate in my life to cheer me up! That video footage was almost as good as the crabbing video. Almost.
There are many more adventures we have been on together and I am so glad we've created so many memories with each other! I know we will have many more!
I love you Rachy! Happy Birthday! I hope it's been a wonderful day cause you deserve the best :)

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