the in betweens.

So in between the Temple Square Visits and our Epic Party, this is what the rest of those weeks consisted of...

Instead of studying for finals, I had a Roommate date with this lady at the Pizza Factory and watched Berlesque. LOVED it.
Went to babysit those cute Reeve Girls and made some Christmas Cookies!
Check out what's on her feet! They waited for us at the park and Saylor had no socks or gloves and she was a little cold. So they chucked her in our car like this. She is precious!
Attending Callie's Ward Talent Show to witness them performing The Lawrence Welk Show! HILARIOUS
Nicole SAVING my life and coming around Utah County with me to deliver treats to people who help us with our Health Internship Class. Yes, we may have made over 10 U-turns in the 5 hours, and may have had some complications, but it was a great day thanks to this girl helping me! Seriously, I owe her!
I rave too much about this, but I LOVE my co-workers and my job! We had a fun Work Christmas Party with food, games, and a white elephant exchange! All the couples left (besides Kris Tina and Greg cause we were at their house) and the singles hung out and played games with them till 11:30. It was such a blast! I vote we do it more often!
Em Bem came for a while too! And we all know how much I LOVE seeing her! :)
Attended some little Ugly Sweater Shin Dig with some lovely ladies of mine. (It wasn't as epic as ours though)
And there you have it.
With last minute school assignments, the death of finals, partying with friends, and what not... Christmas Break came fast!
Hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday Season :)

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