Turkey Break Highlights.

Being home for Thanksgiving was so great. It was just what I needed.
We had some nice weather almost the entire week, which is so much better compared to the disaster that has stuck Utah- snow, freezing temperatures, ice..yuck.
Our family friends, Paige and Curtis, came along with their 2 cute girls. We had a blast with them! Not to mention, it was such a relaxing week and a nice break from school before stressful finals! Besides going to our favorite places to eat, here is what else we did:

Remember the time we were flying out and I was not happy cause our flight was delayed, I ate, and THEN received vouchers? Ok, so I got over it and still bought some food. Cal, Liz, and I put our vouchers together and purchased:
3 drinks
2 personal pizzas
2 orders of breadsticks
Doz of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
Success. And sadly, I was too full from my prior meal and breadsticks, that I only enjoyed 1 doughnut the entire break. Oh well. It was free.
We had to assemble our turkey fryer, which clearly wasn't the easiest thing for us to do.
Thanksgiving Day was great.
Besides napping and the Turkey Bowl, we spent most of the day cooking,
Took a walk to the park and enjoyed the gorgeous weather we had that day,
And ate lots of delicious food.
Our only purchases/shopping done on Black Friday was going to Target and getting great deals on some movies! That would be considered a successful day.
We played Minute to Win It (hosted by the Happy Holder Events) that night as well as playing Taboo. We had a lot of fun doing and laughed a ton!
And eating leftovers is always a favorite thing around the holidays. [Especially when it's Banana Creme Pie!]
We rested lots. Somehow our days seemed exhausting even if we didn't do much. But that's what a break is all about right?
I got to see my adorable puppy who I just love and wish I could take back to Utah with me.
And we decorated our Christmas Tree! I'm so glad I've been home to be a part of the decorating for Christmas! It has always been one of my favorite things growing up!
So Thanksgiving Break was a success. I love spending time with my family and LOVE being back in the South! Thankfully, I just need to survive the next 2 weeks and I am heading back there again!
Hope everyone else enjoyed their break! :)

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