Peppermint Frosty's.

Can I explain to you the disappointment that occurred last night...
I've been RAVING about the Peppermint Frosty's Wendy's is currently selling for the Holiday season. Seriously, to DIE for. I've driven Nicole and Suzanne there personally so they can try one. i love 'em.
So last night, Mom and I venture to the Wendy's by our house for some Holiday treats.
Me: "K Mom- order me the peppermint frosty!" (excitement in my voice)
Speaker Man: "I'm sorry ma'm, we don't have those."
Shocked and disappointed look beyond belief on my face.
What?!!!!! No Peppermint Frosty's!
It's not even an option here at this Wendy's.
I don't even know what I ended up ordering cause I was so sad.
What the heck Georgia.
What the heck Wendy's.
Shouldn't this treat be sold nation wide?
Apparently not.
Just a heads up Wendy's... you should probably sell the same things at every Wendy's around the world so this kind of incident won't happen again.
First thing when I get back to Utah is hitting up the local Wendy's for that delicious Holiday Treat with Nicole Erin Wait.

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Lauren said...

oh, I can definitely relate.
I had the same thing happen to me, except with McDonalds shamrock shake.
My family always gets one on st patricks day, but the Mcdonalds in provo apparently didn't get the memo about how delicious it was, saaaad day!