Salt Lake City Adventures.

Part 1: On Sunday, Suzzane, Brittany, Amelia and I got to go to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional! I had never been and have always wanted to go! Thanks to whoever gave Suzanne those tickets- I absolutely LOVED it! Such a fun and cool experience.
And of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity to walk around Temple Square for a little bit that night! It was SO foggy that night, but it made the pictures look pretty cool actually. I had a blast with 3 of my lovely roommates that night!
Part 2: On Wednesday night, I headed back up to SLC to go to Temple Square with Nicole and the marrieds- Kayc & Alex, and Meg & Ryan.
We had a blast once we finally found where to park! We went to Gateway, grabbed some warm drinks, and walked around Temple Square!
It was fun both times cause I walked different ways and took different pictures!
Aren't these two just the most precious things you've ever seen? Cause I think so. They are so cute together and they are always enjoyable to be with!
Nicole was my boyfriend for that night. Best ever :)
I love going to Temple Square during Christmas Time! It's so pretty with all the lights everywhere! And all the inspiring things I read/listen to/or watch to really help me remember the reason for the season!


Angie Milne said...

i LOVE your curly hair, and your GREEN jacket!!! these pictures are so beautiful and make me want to come up to utah, especially to see you!! miss you!

Kaycie Q said...

so fun!!! i'm so happy we went!