ok so here is something I don't understand...

I'm walking to work, and I hop on the elevator cause after walking 20 minutes from home, being super tired cause it's so early, the last thing I want to do is walk up a lot of stairs to get to the 3rd floor. Plus, I can get right on the elevator since it's so early in the morning. So I get on, and a girl follows- she hits 2. Level 2, really? You couldn't just go up 1 flight of stairs? And I'm not lying when I say that I would just walk up that 1 flight. It's not the long, not that far, not a big deal, and takes no time at all.
So thanks girl for making me wait for you and your laziness.
I may be lazy at times too, but just walk up that 1 flight of stairs next time and save me the trouble of waiting for you.

So that's my little soapbox for the day...
Happy Thursday Everyone!

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