love this girl.

it's a sad moment for me cause this girl has left Utah today to go back to the good ol' state of Georgia after only a short 4 months.
Even though my life was so insane this semester with school and work and I hardly got to see her, we did have some fun memories together such as:

Ultimate #1 highlight- taking a 36 hour trip to San Fran for Game 2 of the Playoffs. you hear enough about that, but it'll never get old to me.
Hanging out with Rachy as she babysat the kids for 2 weeks, watching glee, cheering me up, and getting me Slurpees. I have some pretty great friends.
Even though we didn't get to go to Conference together, we met up for a few minutes after with some of my lovely EFY-ers who I love and miss dearly.
And hanging out during the Holiday season a little bit, attending some parties and what not.
I'm sad to see her go, but she will be doing greater things with life back in Georgia. I sure am lucky that I at least got to see her more than just the few weeks at EFY and the little trips here and there to visit me in Atlanta.
I miss you already Sister Hawwo.


Kaycie Q said...

so sad! come baaaaack!!

Kate Harrell said...

what a sweet entry miss ashley! love and miss you both already!