it's the most wonderful time of the year!

I love Christmastime!
I also love when I get to decorate my house even though I feel like we don't have enough time to keep decorations up! All the roomies (minus Meg, we missed you) plus the adopted roomie, Nicole, decorated Green Gables for the Holiday Season and it looks FABULOUS! We had a lot of fun decorating and jamming to the Christmas tunes!
This was our beginning excitement getting everything out and beginning the process!
Having tons of christmas lights, our cute tree, and cute Christmas decor really makes it all that much more enjoyable to be home!
Nicole was our tape girl. In charge of providing that tape whenever and wherever we needed it. That girl is so on top of things!
Mia was our pro decorator in hanging the lights all along our wall in our family room! Britt even helped her in a corner where she had nothing to stand on to reach!
Suz and I were in charge of the tree. And I'm not the one to brag, but our tree looks dang good.
Britt was in charge of putting the candy canes along our sidewalk outside. Good work Britt!
And Kayc was in charge of hanging those cute ornaments on ribbon and on our windows! They look adorable!
yes, i know ALL of these pictures weren't necessary but I wanted to display all aspects of our Christmas Decorating party at the house of Green Gables!
I really do love this time of the year!
Happy Holiday Season! :)


Kaycie Q said...

decor in the hizouse!!

Meggara said...

i feel really sad that i missed this :(