Thankful 10.

Today, I am thankful for temples.
I am blessed to live just 5 minutes away from the Provo Temple. What an experience it is to drive around Provo, or anywhere in Utah for that matter, and see a temple standing there in the midst of everything. In Georgia, it takes about 20 minutes to get to our temple (without traffic) and you can hardly see it from the freeway now because of the trees and buildings.
But sadly, I take living so close to a temple for granted most of the time and put excuses in my head as to why I can't go. I won't always have an opportunity like this and really need to take advantage of being this close to a temple all the time! I realize the importance of going and blessings I can receieve so I need to make this a habit of mine again.
Last Winter, Kaycie and I would go once a week for months. It always made my day/week SO much better! I felt joy in my life because I knew I was doing everything I should be and the Lord will help me out with the rest. Then things got crazy and I fell out of the habit and I can totally see a difference in my life.
So starting today, I will be attending the temple weekly.
This morning, Kayc and I woke up at 7 am and headed to the temple. I forgot how amazing I feel while I'm there and how it affects the rest of my day! It felt SO good to go back! I love going to the temple and feeling the spirit! It gives me that peace and comfort that I need in my life. Not to mention, it really takes away all my worries and stress. I am grateful that I live close to one right now so I can make the effort to continually go.
How lucky am I? :)

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Nicole Erin said...

yay temples. going tomorrow.
i need to make it a habit too. help each other?