Thankful 7.

Today, I am thankful for living in Utah.
Yep, I said it.
[And don't be fooled, it's definitely not because of the weather.]
I like this time in my life right now because on special occasions, I get to be in the same room as some of the greatest Apostles, Prophets, and Teachers I could ever listen to.
I have the opportunity of attending sessions of General Conference every April and October. By far, one of the coolest experiences. I LOVE listening to conference and am sooo grateful that I am close enough to actually go to the Conference Center. Not many people get that chance or may ever have that opportunity. I really feel blessed to be able to be in attendance for a session or two every conference. One of the best experiences I will always remember.
Aubrey and I before October Conference 2010.
And not only do I get to attend conference every 6 months, but in between all of that, we have firesides, stake conferences and devotionals where we get to attend and listen to servants of the Lord. Just this semester we have had Elder Robert D. Hales, Elder Boyd K. Packer, Sister Julie B. Beck, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Elder Richard G. Scott, and ,just tonight,Elder M. Russell Ballard come and speak to us here at BYU. I never want to take it for granted because I know this is something I will never get to experience in my life again. What a cool opportunity.
Roommates and I after listening to Packer, Beck, and Holland at Stake Conference 2010
I really do feel blessed to be able to live in Utah during this time of my life. I know it is something I will never have a chance to do again; to be in the same room as so many wonderful men who are called of God is an indescribable feeling. I truly feel so grateful to have an opportunity like this.
Happy Sunday everyone.

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