Thankful 20.

I'm thankful for the sports teams in my life. I'm also glad my parents raised me to like sports. I know there are some people out there who have no interest in it, which I don't fully understand, but I just love talking about sports and watching games! I think it's maybe cause I grew up watching my brothers play sports all year love. I mainly love going to and watching Baseball, Football (mainly college) and Basketball games (College and NBA). It's a lot of fun to get into, especially during playoffs and such.

These are my top 3 favorite teams that I fully love and support:
1. Atlanta Braves (if it hasn't been obvious enough these days)
The Braves have been my life for the LONGEST time.
I look forward to February when Spring Training starts and will watch as many games as I can and attend as many games as I can until the season ends.
You might even say that I am one of the most hardcore Braves fans you may know.
Like remember that one time I went to San Francisco for only 36 hrs and 24 of those hours consisted of driving just so we could go to Game 2 of Playoffs? Ya, that was the BEST game I have ever been to. It was well worth it for my boys; I love them and love baseball season.
2. BYU Basketball.
For the past few years, Ashley & friends go to games about 2 hours early (if not earlier) to get some of the best seats in the house. It's well worth the wait to be so close and you can just feel the energy and excitement of everyone around us. I love those basketball games. They are my life during winter semester.
3. BYU Football.
Sadly, our boys haven't done as well this year, but I still love and support my football team. Ever since I've been in college, our team has done fairly well so it's always been fun to go to the games and cheer them on with lots of friends!
I love sports. I especially love the Sports teams that are a part of my life.

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Kaycie Q said...

san fran = best trip of my life.