Thankful 8.

On gross, rainy, feeling lazy days like this...
I am grateful for my curly hair.
Normally, I don't like the way it curls, but when I don't feel like doing my hair, it's nice to know I can just let it dry by itself and it will be curly.
Growing up in Georgia, humidity always did wild and crazy things to my hair, especially in the summertime... holy humidity. Part of why summers are the greatest is because I hardly ever do my hair and I don't care if it's not as curly as I want it (cause my hair can be difficult). So I love having this option of leaving it curly with humidity, or rain, or just pure laziness.
Regardless, thank you hair for having the choice of being curly. You are a life saver.

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Emily said...

Yay for curly hair!