Thankful 12

Today I am thankful for my siblings. In particular, Taylor and Callie. (don't worry Cody and Lexie- I still am thankful for you just as much!)
Back to Freshman year, I pretty much came out here alone. No friends, no family. It was a little intimidating and I often would get homesick.
Sophomore year came around and I had made friends and was enjoying BYU.
Winter semester, I got even luckier when Taylor and Callie came out here for school! It has been so great to have them around the past few years! We've had some classes together and have been on quite a few road trips with each other.We also used to go to Costa Vida for lunch every Friday, but now we hardly have time to do anything with our busy schedules with school and work. Yuck.
Today we got to go to lunch together and we had a fun time catching up. I'm so glad to have some family out here. We have grown so close to each other over the years and have had some fun times together.
Soon enough, our lives will change and we won't get to live this close to one another anymore. So I'm counting my blessings and enjoying the time I have with Tay and Cal out here in Utah. I sure do love them.

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