Thankful 14.

I am thankful for Sundays.
I love the one day out of the week where all I do is listen to EFY music, listen/read talks by prophets, apostles, & leaders, go to church meetings, feel the spirit, relax and be reminded of the imporant things from my busy life.
It really is an uplifting and edifying day; I'm glad this is how I can start off fresh each week.
As Britt and I were getting ready this morning for church, we were listening to President Uchtdorf's talk from this past general conference, and here are just a few of the many things that I LOVED from his talk:
"...diligently doing the things that matter most will lead us to the Savior of the world."

"Learn to see yourself as Heavenly Father sees you—as His precious daughter or son with divine potential."

"Strength comes not from frantic activity but from being settled on a firm foundation of truth and light. It comes from placing our attention and efforts on the basics of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It comes from paying attention to the divine things that matter most."

Happy Sunday everyone.

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