Thankful 3.

Today I am reflecting on how grateful I am for the missionaries all over the world.
But in particular, 3 very important missionaries in my life:
1- Elder Dallin Chadwick Calvert, my cousin, who is reporting to the MTC today. Going to the Washington DC South Mission
2- Elder Jordan Taylor Calvert, another cousin, who left on his mission one year ago today to Argentina.
3- and Sister Katelyn Stone, my bestest friend, who also left on her mission one year ago today to the Hill Cumorah Visitors Center Mission in New York. (i can't even believe it's already been a year!)
It's amazing to me to see the sacrifices they are making to dedicate all their time to serve the Lord for 18 months- 2 years. No family, no friends, no media, no phones, no vacations, nothing. It's only a short moment in their lives, but they become completely selfless and dedicate everyday to the Lord for that time period. I know without a doubt that they love this gospel and want nothing more than to share it with everyone they come in contact with!
I am so proud of those 3 very important people I mentioned, but also all the missionaries serving all over the world who spread this wonderful gospel! I've had many friends and family go out their to serve and I couldn't be more appreciative and grateful for them!

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