Thankful 22.

Today, I am thankful to be from the South!!
It is honestly one of the greatest and prettiest places to be!
I feel so lucky that I was able to grow up in the South and meet some amazing people and experience some great things in my life.
We have that Southern Hospitality: every person you meet is so nice and friendly.
People from the South have some style and know how to dress! (not saying me personally, just all my friends growing up)
We have some unique food places there (some are delicious, some not so much): Zaxby's, La Parilla, The Varsity, Waffle House, Steak N Shake
Even though it can be EXTREMELY humid and hot, I honestly would have that instead of the dryness out West.
Georgia is beautiful. I love how I am constantly surrounded with trees and greenery. It's a lot different than the mountains I am now surrounded by. But nothing can beat the beautiful trees.

Another one of my favorite things about the South is the thunderstorms!! I absolutely LOVE them! People love the snow in Utah, I love the thunderstorms in the South! There is nothing like it!
All 5 kids have been born and raised in the South! It's so fun to still be able to visit home every once in awhile and have all these memories come back of my childhood. I sure do miss it.
And of course, it's the home of the Atlanta Braves. Can't get enough of them. Maybe I'm just a little sad cause it's off season.
I'm glad I wasn't one of those kids who had to move from place to place. Although there were times that I wished I could move to a different state to meet new friends and explore new places. I'm glad my family has stuck there spot in Georgia though. Plus I feel like my family took quite a few trips back in the day so it was nice to get away but it was even better to return back to my lovely home in Georgia. Nothing can beat it.
Anyone want to visit? You won't regret it.

[i get to go home today for Thanksgiving break and am THRILLED]


LindsayNicole said...

i LOVE la parilla! My friends family owns it! Ah!! Happy thanksgiving!

Kate Harrell said...

LOVE this. the south is the best! :)