Thankful 18.

Today, I am thankful for Sara. [and for awesome concerts]
it was more like yesterday, but it kinda rolled into today anyways.
Last night, I attended Miss Sara Bareilles' concert with Kayc Face and it was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Not even kidding. The only thing that would have made it better was if we got to stand with Britt and Nicole. But they got there a little later so it didn't really work out. But we did get to meet up with them after and just RAVE about this unreal night.
So many emotions were running through me as she sang her songs that I love! They seriously tell the story of my life. And maybe I got teary eyed a few times. [pathetic, i know].
And not to mention, she is HILARIOUS! She was cracking me up the entire night! She is my kinda girl. We could be pretty good friends.
And to end the night, we grabbed some slurpees and hit the road.
Thanks Sara for being amazing.