weekend 5 in Denver.

So if didn't already know, I kinda love my family, a lot. So any chance I get the opportunity to see them, I'll take it! I'm not lying when I say that I have the BEST family EVER! We all love each other so much and have the greatest time when we are together!
This weekend, a lot of family gathered together to say adios to my cousin, Dallin, who left for his mission this week to Washington DC South Mission. He is going to be a FABULOUS missionary! I am so proud of him!
Taylor, Callie, Cal's boy Brandon, and I didn't get into Denver till 4 am that Friday night. You know me and my late night traveling, I'm pretty much the queen of road trips (as you can tell just by this month)
Saturday was a great day spent with the family. It included:
helping Grandma prepare for a family dinner
Visiting Downtown Denver. Something I have never done after all these years visiting family!
And attending Dal's "friend" party that night, watching some Hocus Pocus, and getting massages.
Sunday, the family all went to hear Dallin speak in church. He did a fantastic job! You know how much he loves this gospel. I'm so excited for him!

This is just a group shot of all the older cousins, except Jordan who is on his mission in Argentina. it's crazy how we have all grown up and how everyone's lives have changed.
His initials are D.C. and he's going to D.C. We thought that was pretty sweet.
I sure am going to miss this cute boy! D.C. is SO lucky to have him for the next 2 years!
I also love spending time with the sibs. With our hectic lives back in Provo with work and school I hardly get to see these two. It's always nice to have these times to spend together.
And that was our short, but sweet trip to Denver! I always love visiting Colorado! It went by way too fast and I didn't get enough of my amazing family. We had a lot of fun while we were together and I can't wait to see them again!
And FINALLY, this concludes my 5 weekends of craziness!
No more traveling till Thanksgiving!
I've had quite the adventures this month! I obviously don't regret any of them! They were all a blast, but I am glad for this break!
Now back to my boring, uneventful life :)

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