Thankful 15.

I am SO thankful for my Mommy today!
...Just a special reason I'm focusing on her today, it's her birthday!!! :)
I got extremely blessed to be born and raised by this wonderful woman and example in my life!
My Mom is so gorgeous! Even if she is turning 51 today, she doesn't even look like it! I'm hoping that as I get older, I can be as beautiful as she is! Such a babe.
She puts up with 5 crazy kids (who still sometimes act like they are 5). but sometimes, she'll even join in our our ridiculous-ness, which is always entertainment... everything we do is out of love :) Regardless, she loves to have fun!
she's a creative one. she always asks me for my opinions on how to do things, but in reality, she really has great ideas and can be super creative. (so i actually get it from her.)
don't even try to surprise her. trust me, she is the HARDEST person to keep anything from! like last year, we surprised her and the little kids and came home for Thanksgiving as a part of her birthday present from us. Needless to say, we pulled it off, but mark my word- I will never try to surprise her again. it's way too hard. but that one time was totally worth it.
she loves her kids! especially her college kids ;)... just kidding. But she loves us all so much and treats us as individuals. she never treats one of us better than the other. I love that she makes an effort to try to come out here at least once a year to visit us in school. we always have a blast together and i'm so grateful she'll take time out of her busy life to come see her college kids! it's not the most convenient thing but we love having her here!
she is the best cook! seriously, thinking about all the amazing food she makes just makes my mouth water. she has always made the best food for her family! you also know she enjoys cooking and that's important when trying to take care of a family. her food is one thing I constantly miss while I'm at school. I'm hoping I can cook as good as she does one day.
she is quite the fashionista. she has the greatest clothes and always looks so cute! she always is receiving compliments on her clothing. hopefully I can pick up her style someday and can look half as great as she does.
this woman loves to stay healthy and active. she eats the right food, drinks plenty of water, and loves to go on walks. she will sit on the couch for about 10 min, take a nap and then it's back to doing something (cleaning, organizing, planning)- or she'll go crazy. she always likes to be doing something or she'll get bored. I wish I was more like that, I'd get a lot more done.
she loves her family more than anything! the happiest times in my Mom's life is when she is with her kids and husband. she loves it when we are all together! (and we love it too) We always enjoy being around one another and have a lot of fun! She always wants the best for us and looks out for our needs. My parents really emphasized the importance of family while growing up. I'm glad they did because, just like my mom, I love my family more than anything and am always so happy when we are all home since it's so rare these days!
she is the definition of a good friend. She is so nice and kind to everyone. No one ever talks negatively about her because she is a person who is easily loved. She cares for her friends and wants to know what is going on in their lives. I think that's where I get that attribute from-We are pretty alike when it comes to how well we treat our friends and how we will always do nice things for everyone. We want our friends to know that we appreciate them and that they are important people in our lives.
She is one of my best friends. I'm lucky to have 2 sisters and a Mom that I can always count on. She has always been a huge support system for me (and for all the other kids). I know that whatever decision I may make in life, she will support me (even if they aren't always the best decisions, but that's where life lessons come into play right?) I can always ask her for advice and she can help me make better decisions...even when I'm being selfish.
Thanks Mom for raising me into the woman I am today! I know I wouldn't be where I am or who I am without you and your example! I love you so much and I hope this birthday is fantastic!
I can't wait to see you in a week! :)

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