Thankful 23.

Today, I am thankful for my job.
I honestly could go on and on for hours about how much I love it! I have the GREATEST co-workers in the entire world! I got really lucky! Most jobs, there's at least one person no one likes, but we all legitimately like each other (unless I'm the one they don't like...haha)
Anyways, I was looking for jobs for months and was so glad this is the one that pulled through for me! It took me 2 times to get hired at this office, but I am so glad I stayed persistent; it was definitely worth it. Our advisors (bosses) who work in the office are chill and fun to be with and all the student workers are awesome! We've had people come and go since I got hired almost a year ago, but we always get great new people (even though we still miss our old co-workers).
We honestly are like a little family. We all get along so great, have fun in the office together, and love having work parties! Some of us even like to just get together outside of work!
I also get to work with one of my best friends, Kyle, from freshman year too so that makes it a lot of fun! He was actually the one who told me about the job. So really, I have him to thank for finding such an awesome work environment.
Also, I met a girl who became one of my best friends, Miss Emily McBride. The moment I got into the office, she was so friendly and nice to me. It made me feel a lot more comfortable because sometimes I can be shy when I don't know anyone. Now she has become one of my greatest friends and we started to hang out a lot with each other. Em Bem has been such a great friend to me! I know she genuinely cares about my life and my happiness. She listens to me vent about stupid things and gives me great advice. Sadly, she graduated and moved to SLC so I don't see her as much these days, but we tend to talk on Gchat a lot when we are both at work! I love this girl to death and am SO glad we got to work together for a few short months! She is always such a fun girl to be with! :)
I could go on for hours about the amazing people I have the privilege to work with, but that would take a long time.
We have our awesome bosses Dr. Kaiser, Kris Tina, and Jesse. They are fun to hang out with. They know we are responsible students so they aren't very strict as long as we stick to the rules. But they like to have fun with us and randomly watch youtube videos for a little break.
Then there's all the awesome receptionists (they are the best part, but maybe that's just cause I'm a part of them): Deidre, Jeff, Krista, and Jason (until he had to take over Joy's spot and became the editor).
Our Pre Heath Advisors: Kyle, Jessica, and Sam
Our Pre Law Advisors: Steve, Adrienne, and Kasey (sorry, no up to date picture)
Our Letter Secretary, Darcy, and Kris Tina's secretary, Mackenna.
They each bring a little something to our office and we enjoy spending time with one another.
I really am grateful for the opportunity I've had to work at this office and with these amazing people! :)
I'm sure gonna miss it once I graduate in April and can't work there anymore! I have loved my job!

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Emily said...

So...maybe this made me cry just a little bit?

I love you!