Thankful 19.

I am oh-so-thankful for warm treats.
Yep, warm treats.Let me tell you just what they are in case some of you may be confused (like some people were when I first raved about them):
Warm treats are simply when you are craving some sort of treat (obviously). This isn't just any ordinary treat though- especially as cold weather approaches, you aren't craving a treat like ice cream or a candy bar. You want something tasty and WARM. And since I'm no chocolate fan, you gotta think hard about what kind of warm treat sounds good.
So a few weeks ago after Kayc and I picked up Amelia from work, I decided I wanted a warm treat and that's where this term evolved.
Since then, Mia and I have had some warm treat nights probably once a week with our personal favorite- cinnamon rolls! We've decided to let a few in on this warm treat goodness. They love it just as much.
And I've gone to Starbucks. Carmel Apple Spice? Divine.
The only thing that might get me through this winter are my warm treats.
I'm so thankful for them and the happiness it brings me. :)

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Emily said...

your face is so funny in this pic. bahaha.