Thankful 6.

Today, I am thankful for cute little kids.
They are precious and say the most ADORABLE things!
I was in the mall today and listened to a mom and her little girl in line behind me at Gap.
This little girl was telling her mom something was stupid and the mom says "you know we don't say that word" and the little girl says "i know, but it really is stupid Mom" such a crack up.
Or how my cute little cousin, Callahan says the most hilarious things ever! This year we went to a cabin in Colorado and he was scared of the dark basement and thought bears were down there. So my cousin reassured him that there are no bears down there. So to this day when he sees us, he'll randomly say "no bears". Maybe it's only cute to me and my family. But Cal is a crack up!
Or this one time when I came to Tanner and Katie's house in California and we hung out with these 2 cute kids, Reese and Beck.
Reese was so excited to see me and as I was talking with Katie, Reese would come in and out of the room, one time wearing a hoodie, then some sunglasses on top of her head, and then put on some rubber bands around her wrist.
I had a hoodie on, sunglasses on my head, and some bracelets I made.
She wanted to be like me. It was so cute once we caught on to what she was doing.
I'm grateful for the little kids that are a part of my life. They can brighten up anyone's day just by their actions or the cute things they say.

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Kate Harrell said...

Just a few more:

"You get that, Rachel!"

"Where's you mom? You don't know where you mom is?!"

I agree. Kids are wonderful. :)